Training services

Name Description ELIXIR Node

Events with experts from different fields with as goal to make particular data sources FAIR by turning them into Linked Data.

ELIXIR Netherlands

Training events about tools developed in ELIXIR-EE (usually g:Profiler, MEM, ClustVis are taught).

ELIXIR Estonia

The GTPB runs face-to-face Bioinformatics Training Courses regularly at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência.

ELIXIR Portugal

A training materials portal that helps you to discover, package and disseminate training resources. It aggregates training information from the ELIXIR nodes, and also from third-party content providers.


Training and training materials available are listed on and TeSS. Training and materials are developed on a diverse range of topics. 

ELIXIR Netherlands

SIB Training offers courses and workshops on various bioinformatics and data science-related fields to life scientists, clinicians and bioinformaticians. 

ELIXIR Switzerland

Training provided by ELIXIR-LU focuses on the usage of the Node services, data management, efficient use of high-performance computing to analyse complex biomedical data, and reproducibility in research.

ELIXIR Luxembourg

Courses in bioinformatics and HPC at CSC are open for academics, government and industry participants.

ELIXIR Finland

The ELIXIR UK training centres include Cambridge Bioinformatics Training Centre, University of Cambridge, Edinburgh Genomics and Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre.