ELIXIR services are provided by ELIXIR Nodes (see Who we are).

Please note: This page does not contain all ELIXIR services. It only shows the services from those Nodes that have signed a Service Delivery Plan (see How countries join).
(List last updated: December 2017)

Namesort descending Type of service ELIXIR Node
Data Archiving Compute ELIXIR Luxembourg
TMDC (Translational Medicine Data Catalog) Database ELIXIR Luxembourg
AAI - REMS ComputeAAI ELIXIR Finland
ArrayExpress Database EMBL-EBI
arrayMap Database ELIXIR Switzerland
Atomic Charge Calculator Tools ELIXIR Czech Republic
Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) ComputeAAI ELIXIR Czech Republic ELIXIR Finland
BEGDB Database ELIXIR Czech Republic
Bgee Database ELIXIR Switzerland Tools ELIXIR Denmark
BioModels Database EMBL-EBI
Biosamples Database EMBL-EBI
BioStudies Database EMBL-EBI
BioXSD / GTrack Tools ELIXIR Norway
BUSCO Database ELIXIR Switzerland
BYOD events InteroperabilityTraining ELIXIR Netherlands
CAMEO DatabaseTools ELIXIR Switzerland
CAVER 3.0 Tools ELIXIR Czech Republic
CAZy Database ELIXIR France
Cellosaurus Database ELIXIR Switzerland
ClustVis Tools ELIXIR Estonia
Collections and registries from the Finnish population: SISU data resource Database ELIXIR Finland
Computerome ComputeHPC cluster ELIXIR Denmark
Consultancy and Support Services Interoperability ELIXIR Czech Republic
Consulting/Expertise ComputeInteroperabilityTools ELIXIR Netherlands
CRISPRdb Database ELIXIR France
CSC Chipster ComputeTools ELIXIR Finland
CSC Cloud ComputeCloud ELIXIR Finland
de.NBI cloud ComputeCloud ELIXIR Germany
Decryptor Tools ELIXIR Czech Republic
DNATCO Tools ELIXIR Czech Republic
Dolbico (formely DOLCE) Database ELIXIR Czech Republic
EBI Metagenomics Database EMBL-EBI
ELIXIR-EE training Training ELIXIR Estonia
Embassy Cloud ComputeCloud EMBL-EBI
Ensembl Database EMBL-EBI
Ensembl Genomes Database EMBL-EBI
Enzyme Portal Database EMBL-EBI
EPD Database ELIXIR Switzerland
EuropePMC Database EMBL-EBI
ExPASy Tools ELIXIR Switzerland
Expression Atlas Database EMBL-EBI
FAIR Interoperability ELIXIR Netherlands
g:Profiler InteroperabilityTools ELIXIR Estonia
Gene Ontology Interoperability EMBL-EBI
GnpIS DatabaseTools ELIXIR France
GO annotation (GOA) Database EMBL-EBI
GraphWeb Tools ELIXIR Estonia