Industry support

Supporting industry and stimulating innovation

ELIXIR supports open innovation, and promotes the use of widely adopted standards. This reduces barriers between information sharing and helps facilitate cross-company research partnerships.

Industry is already a large user of public bioinformatics resources. In 2016, the number of requests on the EMBL-EBI websites from commercial IP addresses was 32 million. From drug discovery to sustainable manufacturing, industry increasingly relies on safe, secure access to bioinformatics datasets, tools, training and standards in order to develop new products and services.

Understanding industry's needs

In 2013, Connected Discovery carried out an initial assessment of the needs of industry from ELIXIR. This exercise resulted in a series of recommendations being made, including:

  • Establishing an Industry Advisory Committee, including representatives of users, suppliers and publishers, to provide high-level strategic advice on ELIXIR's services
  • Roll out an Innovation and SME programme, which fosters the ELIXIR Nodes structure and provides a collaborative network for open services development
  • Create an industry dissemination channel to distribute information on industry-relevant news and events from ELIXIR Nodes

Many of these recommendations will be implemented through the ELIXIR Programme for 2014-2018.

Jérôme Wojcik, CEO of Quartz Bio, gave a talk on industry's needs from ELIXIR, which is available here.

Innovation and SME programme

In order to support Europe's industry and in particular its Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), ELIXIR's Innovation and SME programme is a series of specialised events for companies hosted by ELIXIR Nodes. The events provide companies with the opportunity of learning more about ELIXIR services and forge strong links with the local ELIXIR Nodes representatives running these services. 

Industry dissemination channel

Register here for the ELIXIR Industry mailing list. You will receive email updates about industry-specific ELIXIR news and events. 

Read our brochure on ELIXIR Industry programme to learn more about ELIXIR support to industry and how to get involved.