How we are funded

The budget of the ELIXIR Hub is provided by Member States. This budget is used to fund the secretariat in the ELIXIR Hub and commissioned services, which are carried out by ELIXIR Nodes.

Short-term commissioned services are known as Implementation Studies, and longer-term commissioned services are known as Infrastructure Services. ELIXIR will open a tender process for Infrastructure services in 2017.

ELIXIR Nodes are typically funded through national investments, often made by countries as part of their membership in ELIXIR. For example, Computerome has been funded by Denmark as part of their investments in ELIXIR Denmark. The TeSS training portal has been supported through funding from BBSRC as part of its commitment to ELIXIR UK.

The databases and services run by ELIXIR Nodes are usually pre-existing, and funded through a number of different sources including national grant funding, EU grants and charitable foundations.

EU Projects

ELIXIR is active in several large EU grants, which support the work of the Platforms and Use Cases. See the EU Projects page.