ELIXIR Slovenia

The  ELIXIR Node is a national platform, providing data resources, compute and training provision, and tools infrastructure for specific biological domains. 

University of Ljubljana Faculty of Medicine is coordinating the activities of the Slovenian Node. The Node is represented by the Centre for Functional Genomics and Bio-Chips  (CFGBC), a 16-member consortium of academia, research institutes, clinical institutes and pharmaceutical industry.

In particular, CFGBC members will be active within the Node as service providers: University of Ljubljana (UL)Faculties of Medicine, Computer and Information Science, Electrical Engineering and Biotechnical Faculty will represent the basis of e‐infrastructure and help desk for genome and transcriptome data, by linking specialized data resources from biological domains (Biomedicine, Plant sciences, Animal genomics) to ELIXIR tools.

This will be supported by National Institute of Biology (NIB) with expertise in plant sciences and computation, together with Jožef Stefan Institute (IJS), by National Institute of Chemistry (NIC) with expertise in cheminformatics and molecular modeling, and by biomedical data and sample resources from Oncological Institute (OI) and clinics from the University Medical Centre Ljubljana (UMCL). Pediatrics clinic from UMCL holds expertise in metabolomics while the Clinical Institute for Medical Genetics focuses on rare diseases. Other CFGBC members will at this current stage remain ELIXIR users.

The common goal of our Node is to establish the basis of the Pan - European interdisciplinary training center in Slovenia for post-genome technologies, computation and translational medicine based on expertise of CFGBC consortium members. The training efforts are in concert with the ESFRI activities Infrastructure Systems Biology Europe (ISBE) and European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine  (EATRIS), supported by Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and coordinated by different CFGBC consortium members, as well as with Coordinating Action Systems Medicine (CASyM). It is expected that the ELIXIR.SI Node will be completed with other potential service providers and users in Slovenia.