A workshop at the Genome Campus
A workshop at the Wellcome Genome Campus

European life science researchers can be confused by what bioinformatics training is available and has direct relevance to their work and career. ELIXIR is capturing training opportunities in a new website that makes them easier to discover and, with international partners, is addressing the current shortages of trainers, training events and training materials.

ELIXIR seeks to fill training gaps left by transformative technologies in medicine and the life sciences, including how big data is generated, analysed and interpreted. Most life science professionals will need to be upskilled to take advantage of the exponential growth of bioinformatics tools and data.

What the Training Platform does

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  • Provides researchers with information about the bioinformatics training courses and materials available in Europe, and where they can be found. It does this through the Training eSupport System (TeSS) portal. The TeSS portal also allows you to:
    • Create your own training packages
    • Browse training providers
    • Use a workflow diagram to visualise learning steps
  • Develops and delivers both e-Learning and Face-2-Face training to researchers, developers and infrastructure operators and trainers. This training is in topics identified as gaps within the ELIXIR community and in the ELIXIR use cases.
  • Provides and coordinates training to transform scientists into effective users of the data, tools, standards and compute infrastructure provided by ELIXIR.
  • Increases the number of trainers (training capacity building) with a dedicated Train the Trainer programme.
  • Develops good practice guidelines and a training evaluation system in collaboration with GOBLET.

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