Publications: ELIXIR Gateway on F1000Research

F1000Research ( is an open science publishing platform for life scientists that offers immediate open access publication and transparent post­-publication peer review by invited referees, and full data deposition and sharing. F1000Research accepts all scientifically sound articles, including single findings, case reports, protocols, replications, null/negative results, and more traditional articles.

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The ELIXIR Gateway has two channels:

  • ELIXIR Reports channel publishes​ outputs from ELIXIR’s technical activities, ELIXIR strategy documents and other articles describing ELIXIR infrastructure and its services, including ELIXIR implementation studies and EXCELERATE project reports.
  • Posters and Slides channel publishes​ scientific ​posters, slideshow presentations and other materials to present the outcomes and activities of ELIXIR and its projects.

Latest papers

  • Bousfield D, McEntyre J, Velankar S et al. Patterns of database citation in articles and patents indicate long-term scientific and industry value of biological data resources [version 1; referees: 3 approved]. F1000Research 2016, 5(ELIXIR):160
    (doi: 10.12688/f1000research.7911.1)
  • Moreews F, Sallou O, Ménager H et al. BioShaDock: a community driven bioinformatics shared Docker-based tools registry [version 1; referees: 2 approved]. F1000Research 2015, 4:1443 (doi: 10.12688/f1000research.7536.1)
  • Eijssen L, Evelo C, Kok R et al. The Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences: Enabling data-intensive life science research in the Netherlands [version 2; referees: 2 approved, 1 approved with reservations]. F1000Research 2016, 4:33 (doi: 10.12688/f1000research.6009.2)


The ELIXIR Gateway on F1000Research collects and present publication output from ELIXIR:

  • Papers, slides and posters that describe ELIXIR services, technology developments, and architecture overviews
  • Surveys, best practice recommendations and workshop outcomes
  • Submissions that describe development and implementation of standards and collaborative efforts
  • ELIXIR projects will also publish reports on progress and deliverables through the gateway

Editorial Board and review process

The Editorial Board of the ELIXIR channel will streamline the publication process. The Board members - representatives of the ELIXIR Hub and the ELIXIR Nodes - will accept submissions based on the agreed scope for the channel and ensure that the articles published in the ELIXIR channels are relevant to ELIXIR community. However, once an article is accepted for submission to the channel we will not interfere in the open review process provided by F1000Research.

Members of the Editorial Board

  • Niklas Blomberg, ELIXIR Director
  • Arlindo Oliveira, Head of Node, ELIXIR Portugal
  • Barend Mons, Head of Node, ELIXIR Netherlands
  • Bengt Persson, Head of Node, ELIXIR Sweden
  • Inge Jonassen, Head of Node, ELIXIR Norway

You can contact the Board at f1000editors[at]elixir-europe[dot]org.

All research articles published in the ELIXIR Research and Strategy Channel will be transparently peer­ reviewed through the F1000Research invited peer review process, and those that achieve an adequate level of positive reviews from the referees will be indexed in PubMed and other major bibliographic databases.