Compute services

Name of service Description ELIXIR Node

CSC develops and hosts an open source tool REMS to assist a DAC to manage Data Access Applications and access rights to sensitive datasets. REMS is a key component in ELIXIR AAI.

ELIXIR Finland
Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI)

The ELIXIR AAI (Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure) is the ELIXIR service portfolio for authenticating users and helping relying services to manage users' access rights in the services. 

ELIXIR Czech Republic, ELIXIR Finland

Computerome is the Danish National Supercomputer for Life Sciences. It serves all life science research groups within Denmark and is also open for international collaboration.

ELIXIR Denmark

Expertise on very diverse subjects of data processing, analysis and curation as well as connections to existing infrastructure RI's like EUDAT. This expertise can be made available to research projects and organisations.  

ELIXIR Netherlands
CSC Chipster

Chipster is a user-friendly analysis software for high-throughput data. It contains hundreds of analysis tools for next generation sequencing (NGS), microarray, proteomics and sequence data. 

ELIXIR Finland
CSC Cloud

The CSC Cloud service is targeted for High Performance Computing (HPC), allowing customers to run virtual machines with exclusive access to up to 16 cores. This service includes cPouta and ePouta. 

ELIXIR Finland
Data Archiving

ELIXIR Luxembourg provides integrated storage and archiving for curated Translational Medicine data. Data is stored on tranSMART servers or other suitable servers.

ELIXIR Luxembourg
de.NBI cloud

The upcoming de.NBI cloud will provide an analytics infrastructure for bioinformatics. It will consist of computing power and storage capacity as well as flexible workflows and analysis tools.

ELIXIR Germany
ELIXIR PT Computing Services

A computational platform for biological data based on open cloud services.

ELIXIR Portugal
Embassy Cloud

This is an OpenStack platform co-located with EMBL-EBI’s services and data resources. Access to the Embassy Cloud is available for researchers outside EMBL if they have a collaboration with staff at EMBL.

French Academic Cloud

IFB is currently setting up a federation of Clouds, with a unique entry point, based on a network of distributed regional IT facilities structured around a large national IT facility. The distributed nature of the federation is designed to facilitate data flows (regional PFs are the network entry points in their regions).

On this network, IFB will develop a distributed storage system (based on proven techniques: iRODS, S3 object storage, etc.) to allow sharing of public data collections and easy transfer of users’ data. This federation includes hardware (CPU, disks, RAM, network) but must also allow an easy access to the many collections of data used in Life Sciences and the numerous bioinformatics tools required to analyse the Life Science data (by providing a national portfolio of bioinformatics images).

To summarize, IFB is setting up a High Throughput Computing infrastructure focusing on Life Science data sharing, analysis and integration that is complementary to the national High Performance Computing centres that mainly emphasize computing.

Help Desk

Under Development in collaboration with SURFsara and Lygature, based on prior experience deploying tools for end users / life scientists.

ELIXIR Netherlands

Open source software underlying the technology for SURF's single sign-on and facilitating national and international online collaboration in education and research.

ELIXIR Netherlands

sciCORE provides a high-performance computing infrastructure, large-scale storage resources, scientific software and databases, server infrastructures and user support. It also provides expertise to scientific research groups.

ELIXIR Switzerland

Vital-IT supports and collaborates with life scientists in Switzerland and beyond. It provides expertise, training and maintains a high-performance computing (HPC) and storage infrastructure.    

ELIXIR Switzerland