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The ELIXIR Node in Finland, Biomedinfra.fi, provides an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) compute cloud and storage resource for life sciences, with integrated computational access to very large biological data resources.

Services are targeted towards biomedical organisations and evolved with the development of the European e-Infrastructure (GÉANT for research network, European Grid Infrastructure EGI.eu and PRACE for computing and EUDAT for data).

The IaaS is a flexible infrastructure component for bioinformatics service providers and can be used to host tools and build topical data services and software environments. It provides support to BBMRI and EATRIS, such as through a secure virtualised platform for sensitive Finnish biobank data.

The Finnish biomedical data resources are collections and registries from the Finnish population that are being organised and digitised by the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) and the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and will become available via BBMRI.fi. National biomedical data interoperation and interpretation with the reference data of ELIXIR provides a use case for molecular level genetic diagnostics of, for example, heart diseases, cancer and obesity. 

Legal, ethical and privacy requirements for enabling research on biomedical data require solutions for researcher authentication and authorisation. The REMS service by the Finnish ELIXIR site enables coordination of resource access rights in collaboration between the data service providers and data access granting bodies. For user authentication, REMS relies on the technology and policies for data protection provided by the GÉANT eduGAIN inter federation service.

The ELIXIR Node is operated by the Finnish data centre provider CSC - IT Center for Science under the Biomedinfra.fi consortium agreement with FIMM and THL. It provides opportunities to build reference genetic data resources and analyse large human genome sequence variation for translational medical research.

The ICT hardware is hosted by CSC and connected via Finnish research and university network (Funet). The Node organises training and facilities.

ELIXIR Finland use cases:

Head of Node

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Tommi Nyrönen
(CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.)

Technical Coordinator

Jarno Laitinen
Jarno Laitinen
(CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.)

Training Coordinator

Eija Korpelainen
Eija Korpelainen
(CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.)

Deputy Head of Node

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