Heads of Nodes Committee

The Heads of Nodes Committee has a major role in developing and agreeing the ELIXIR scientific and technical strategy. The committee is composed of scientific representatives of each of the ELIXIR Nodes and is chaired by the ELIXIR Director. The Head of Node is appointed by each Node according to national processes.

What the Committee does

Committee members

Country Head of Node
Belgium Prof Yves Van de Peer
Czech Republic Dr Jiří Vondrášek
Denmark Prof Søren Brunak 
Estonia Prof Jaak Vilo
Finland Dr Tommi Nyrönen 
France Dr Claudine Médigue and Dr Jacques van Helden
Germany Prof Alfred Pühler
Hungary Dr Balázs Győrffy
Ireland Prof Walter Kolch
Israel Prof Michal Linial 
Italy Prof Graziano Pesole 
Luxembourg Dr Reinhard Schneider
Netherlands Prof Jaap Heringa
Norway Prof Inge Jonassen  
Portugal Prof Arlindo Oliveira
Slovenia Prof Brane Leskošek
Spain Prof Alfonso Valencia 
Sweden Prof Bengt Persson 
Switzerland Prof Ron Appel 
UK Prof Carole Goble
EMBL Dr Rolf Apweiler and Dr Ewan Birney 


Country Head of Node
Greece Prof Babis Savakis 
The Heads of Nodes Committee