Events organised by ELIXIR and its Nodes (see Who we are). These are supplied by TeSS, ELIXIR's training and events portal.

This page shows forthcoming events and events in progress. For past events see Past meetings and conferences and Past webinars.

Name Start date Location
Introduction to RNA-seq data analysis 18 June 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
Fundamentals of Biobanking and Cohort Research 18 June 2018 Groningen Netherlands
Long reads applied to plant genome assembling 20 June 2018 Lausanne Switzerland
Statistics for Biologists in R 21 June 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
An Introduction to MATLAB for biologists 25 June 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
BITS2018/Eixir-IIB Workshop on Docker and Reproducibility 25 June 2018 Torino Italy
Algorithms for Biological Networks (5th edition) 25 June 2018 Wageningen Netherlands
Course Data management and computational workflows 25 June 2018 SURFsara Netherlands
Workshop: R2 – Genomics analysis and visualization platform 25 June 2018 Amsterdam Netherlands
Data FAIRification for Data Stewards 25 June 2018 Leiden Netherlands
Graphical Models: From Mathematical Foundations to Biological Applications 25 June 2018 Basel Switzerland
De novo RNA-Seq assembly workshop 25 June 2018 Bern Switzerland
Galaxy Training: introduction to Galaxy 26 June 2018 Ghent Belgium
Analysis of DNA Methylation using Sequencing 27 June 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
Single cell transcriptome workshop 27 June 2018 Bern Switzerland
Data Carpentry in R 28 June 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
SIB PhD Training Network Annual Retreat 28 June 2018 Bienne/Biel Switzerland
An introduction to metabolomics and its application in life-sciences 2 July 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
Working with Python: functions and modules 4 July 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
R object-oriented programming and package development 6 July 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
Image Analysis for Biologists 9 July 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
Software Carpentry R workshop 9 July 2018 Wageningen Netherlands
Advanced Python for Biologists 9 July 2018 Edinburgh United Kingdom
An Introduction to Solving Biological Problems with Python 12 July 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
Variant Discovery with GATK4 16 July 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
Open Science and Scholarship: Changing Your Research Workflow 16 July 2018 Utrecht Netherlands
Using the Ensembl Genome Browser 20 July 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
ELIXIR-EXCELERATE Train the Trainer 20 August 2018 Antwerp Belgium
Advanced Statistics: Statistical Modeling 20 August 2018 Lausanne Switzerland
Transcriptomics and Single Cell RNA-Seq Analysis 26 August 2018 Leuven Belgium
MGC Next Generation Sequencing data analysis 27 August 2018 LUMC Netherlands
Advanced Molecular Technology and Instrumentation for Proteome Analyses 27 August 2018 Uppsala
Biophysical methods in drug discovery 27 August 2018 Uppsala
Comparative Genomics 3 September 2018 Lausanne Switzerland
NGS in DNA Diagnostics Course 4 September 2018 ErasmusMC Netherlands
NGS bioinformatics quality control and variant annotation for cancer diagnosis 4 September 2018 Bern Switzerland
Advanced Technical Presentation 3: Persuasive Speaking 5 September 2018 Lausanne Switzerland
6th International Summer School on Rare Disease and Orphan Drug Registries 10 September 2018 Roma Italy
Villars Symposium 2018 Microbiome 10 September 2018 Villars-sur-Ollon Switzerland
Introduction to Bioinformatics using NGS data, Uppsala 10 September 2018