European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB) 2018

Sat 8 September 2018 to Wed 12 September 2018
Athens, Greece

On 8-12 September 2018 the Hellenic Society for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics is organising the 17th edition of the European Conference on Computational Biology in association with the ELIXIR.

ECCB 2018 will take place in the historic city of Athens in Greece. It is the main computational biology event in Europe and will welcome scientists working in a variety of disciplines, including bioinformatics, computational biology, biology, medicine, and systems biology. Participating in ECCB 2018 will be the perfect opportunity to keep pace with cutting edge research, and to network with members of ECCB community.

ELIXIR will be the main organising sponsor of the 17th ECCB. 

As part of the ELIXIR-ECCB 2018 partnership, the programme of the conference will feature a dedicated ELIXIR Application Track to showcase ELIXIR activities and services and ELIXIR Poster session.
The submission is now closed. 

ELIXIR track programme

Sunday 9 September
Morning session

Application talks​

(No talks in this session.)


ELIXIR TeSS Usability Study
Niall Beard

Sabela de la Torre
Agenda (Google Doc)

Monday 10 September
Morning session

Application talks​

ELIXIR Beacon - A Driver Project for the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health

EGA - new and future functionality

Secure e-infrastructure services supporting cross-border genomic and register studies


Leyla Garcia, Alasdair Gray
Agenda (on the Bioschemas website)

Afternoon session

Application talks​

Help yourself, and your community. Software reproducibility with BioContainers 

Galaxy integration with DIANA-tools 

Automated workflow composition in mass spectrometry based proteomics 


Bjoern Gruening
Agenda (Google Doc)

Tuesday 11 September
Morning session

Application talks​

cpPredictor: Webserver for template-based prediction of RNA secondary structure

neXtProt, a FAIR human protein resource working with the scientific community: Two use cases

3DBIONOTES crossing genomics, proteomics and interactomics


OpenEbench and
Salvador Capella Gutierrez
Agenda (Google Doc)

Research under the GDPR
Regina Becker

Afternoon session

Application talks​

GA4GH Compatible Analysis Platform & Reference Dataset Distribution Services

Training as a service - empowering scientists to provide high quality training

The role of public bioinformatics infrastructures in supporting innovation in the life sciences


Implementation of DMPs and Data Stewardship in practice
Roland Krause, Brane Leskosek, Celia van Gelder

Secure access to your services using ELIXIR AAI
Michal Procházka, František Dominik Bučík

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