ELIXIR Switzerland

The SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics is an independent, nonprofit foundation recognized of public utility that provides world-class bioinformatics to the national and international life science community.

SIB counts some 60 groups from the major Swiss schools of higher education and research institutions and more than 750 scientists in the fields of genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, evolution, population genetics, systems biology, structural biology, biophysics and clinical bioinformatics. The decentralized, federating organizational structure of SIB represents an efficient collaborative model for countries setting up their own bioinformatics infrastructure, as well as for ELIXIR.


SIB fosters excellence in data science to support progress in biological research and health.


SIB leads and coordinates the field of bioinformatics in Switzerland. Its data science experts join forces to advance biological and medical research and enhance health by:

  1. Providing the national and international life science community with a state of-the-art bioinformatics infrastructure, including resources, expertise and services.
  2. Federating world-class researchers and delivering training in bioinformatics.

To achieve its mission, SIB is committed to:

  • Federate bioinformatics research groups from Swiss universities and research institutes
  • Foster collaboration and innovation at the highest level of scientific excellence
  • Create, maintain and disseminate core bioinformatics databases, software and services worldwide
  • Offer key competencies and research support in bioinformatics to the national life science community
  • Train first-rate researchers.

SIB in figures (2015):

  • 19 institutional members spread across Switzerland
  • Some 750 members
  • 61 research and services groups
  • 11 core facilities
  • More than 150 resources accessible through the SIB portal ExPASy
  • More than 1’300 peer-reviewed articles published over the past 15 years



SIB is the largest national node within the ELIXIR consortium. As a provider of various renowned bioinformatics resources, expertise and teaching activities to the international life science community, SIB plays an important role in the pan-European bioinformatics programme. On 1 January 2015, Torsten Schwede, leader of the SIB Computational Structural Biology Group and member of the SIB Board of Directors, was elected Chair of the ELIXIR Board for a 1-year mandate, renewed in 2016.