The Swedish ELIXIR Node will initially contribute with the Human Protein Atlas, which contains:

  1. Human Tissue Atlas,
  2. Human Subcellular Atlas, and
  3. Human Cell Line Atlas.

The Human Protein Atlas (HPA) program is a scientific research program with the goal to explore the whole human proteome using an antibody-based gene-centric approach with the effort to map and characterise a representative protein for each protein-coding human gene. New data are released annually to the Human Protein Atlas. The March 2013 release has data corresponding to 15,156 human genes (approx. 75% of the total genome).

We plan to extend the public service by providing three separate subparts of the Human Protein Atlas all within the frame-work of the ELIXIR infrastructure. Efforts within the Swedish ELIXIR Node will focus on integration of the Human Protein Atlas with other ELIXIR resources. The protein atlas has over half a million visitors per year and the papers describing the work of the Human Protein Atlas have received over 1000 citations. The Swedish ELIXIR Node is coordinated by BILS (Bioinformatics Infrastructure for Life Sciences)


Name Type of service
Human Protein Atlas (HPA) Database