ELIXIR Norway is coordinated by the University of Bergen and includes the University of Oslo, the University of Tromsø, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences at Ås.

The Research Council of Norway supports the Node primarily through its programme for research infrastructure. The Node builds on a national bioinformatics technology platform collaboration, which started in 2003 and the partners in the Node will continue the operation of a national technology platform offering consultancy and services on a broad basis. The Norwegian Node will offer ELIXIR services within the thematic areas of marine genomics and human medicine as well as e-infrastructure deliverables including standards development and support. 

The Node is developing and offering NELS, the Norwegian e-infrastructure for life sciences. This is tightly coupled with and benefits from generic e-infrastructures in Norway. NELS will contain several integrated packages geared towards genome scale analyses, provision of web services based solutions, and related toolboxes, and will integrate with secure storage solutions, enabling handling of sensitive data e.g. human re-sequencing data. Thus, the infrastructure provides subsystems and underpinnings for analysis of high-throughput sequencing data. 

Data provision will be centred within the marine life sciences, with a first delivery of a sea lice database, and will contain relevant and available genomes with accompanying annotation and experimental data. Other resources are planned for example within meta-genomics and fish genomics.

Standards infrastructure will be delivered initially through BioXSD and GTrack. The former implies collaborative work with other Nodes, and deliverables will include libraries and tools for converting between the various formats, lowering the barrier for adopting the standard and increasing the ability to exchange data between tools and databases.