ELIXIR Netherlands

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ELIXIR Netherlands represents the Dutch Node within ELIXIR. It is hosted and coordinated by the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences (DTL), a public private partnership that aims to establish a world-class technology infrastructure to enable next generation life sciences research across life science sectors.

Another of ELIXIR’s ambitions is to 'functionally interconnect' the core data resources in Europe and beyond. These not only include the major resources at SIB, EMBL-EBI, and for instance the Swedish Human Protein Atlas, but also key resources in other Nodes. Likewise for the new data that are continuously created, published, shared and analysed, in conjunction with these core 'legacy' resources. 

Data interoperability - one of the focal topics of ELIXIR Netherlands - is concerned with this functional interlinking of core resources and new data sets. This activity will be very closely coordinated with the Nodes that own key data sources, such as EMBL-EBI, SIB, Sweden, Israel and other Nodes. The goal is to make all these data FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable for both people and computers. 

The high performance computing and storage required to handle ‘big data' is another focus area of ELIXIR Netherlands. The Dutch Node will offer e-infrastructure expertise and service capacity, and will join forces with notably the ELIXIR Finland, EMBL-EBI and others.

ELIXIR Netherlands leverages extensive experience and capacity in bioinformatics training built up within Dutch groups. The training and continuous education of much needed data specialists is the third focal topic of the Dutch Node, again working closely with the other ELIXIR Nodes and with global initiatives such as Goblet. 

Born as a networked node focussing on the common challenges of research data, DTL involves academic groups and industry across life sciences sectors. In the framework of the ELIXIR Node, we keep an open eye on excellent services that emerge from within the Dutch community, and will link them to the ELIXIR-NL portfolio when feasible. Besides, we closely align our activities with those of Dutch nodes in neighbouring ESFRI initiatives, such as BBMRI, EATRIS, Euro-BioImaging, as well as with e-science initiatives (e.g. PRACE, EGI). 

For more information about ELIXIR-NL please visit our website, or send us an email (elixir-nl[at]dtls[dot]nl).