ELIXIR Germany

The ELIXIR Node in Germany will be run by de.NBI, the German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure, which has been established to coordinate bioinformatics service provision across Germany.

It brings together expertise and resources through dedicated service centres in areas such as microbes, integrative bioinformatics, data management, crop bioinformatics, human genomics and proteomics. de.NBI is coordinated from Bielefeld University and includes over twenty partner institutes across Germany.


Head of Node: Prof Alfred Pühler
Deputy: Prof Andreas Tauch

Technical coordinator: Prof R. Backofen
Deputy: Dr Björn Grüning

Training coordinator: Prof Oliver Kohlbacher
Deputy: Daniel Wibberg

German members of the ELIXIR Board

  • Prof Roland Eils
  • Prof Alexander Goesmann


Name Type of service
de.NBI cloud Compute, Cloud