ELIXIR Estonia

Despite Estonia being one of the smallest nations in Europe, the vision is to establish ELIXIR Estonia as one of the core contributors to ELIXIR Europe after the larger countries.

The Estonian Node specializes in bioinformatics software and services, data security, and building bridges between other biomedical infrastructures (BBMRI, EATRIS, etc). To achieve this ELIXIR Estonia will focus on developing research infrastructure, the services delivery platforms and competences. 

Estonian ELIXIR Node is organised by University of Tartu. Other partners are Estonian BiocentreTallinn University of Technology and National Institute for Physics and Biophysics.

ELIXIR Estonia focuses on:

  1. Maintenance, upgrade and international integration of bioinformatics tools and databases produced by Estonian research community (g:Profiler for gene list characterisations, MEM for large scale gene expression data analysis and queries, ESCDb – Embryonic stem cell database, GraphWeb, KEGGanim, Primer design, snail Conus consors genome database etc.). Porting bioinformatics solution on the cloud and exploring alternative cost effective hardware (FPGA, GPU).
  2. Developing, offering, and intermediating training on bioinformatics tools, services, and infrastructure, beyond standard university course offerings.
  3. Developing the Estonian Node to match the emerging needs of bioinformatics services in Estonia e.g. in next generation sequencing and respective services, especially for Estonia – building links to high-performance computing facilities in Estonia and through ELIXIR. 
  4. Interfacing with BBMRI through partnering with the Estonian Genome Center at University of Tartu (Estonian Biobank). The Estonian Node has expertise in data management solutions for health data, and Estonian medical records, and e-health data, and participates in IMI-EMIF-Platform.