ELIXIR services are provided by ELIXIR Nodes (see Who we are).

Please note: This page does not contain all ELIXIR services. It only shows the services from those Nodes that have signed a Service Delivery Plan (see How countries join). More services will be added in later in 2017.
(List last updated: April 2017)

Namesort descending Type of service ELIXIR Node Interoperability EMBL-EBI
IMGT Database, Tools ELIXIR France
IntAct Database EMBL-EBI
IntEnz Database EMBL-EBI
InterPro Database EMBL-EBI
IreSite Tools ELIXIR Czech Republic
IS Finder Database, Tools ELIXIR France
ISMARA Tools ELIXIR Switzerland
KEGGAnim Tools ELIXIR Estonia
LiceBase Database ELIXIR Norway
MEM Tools ELIXIR Estonia
META-pipe Tools ELIXIR Norway
MetaboLights Database EMBL-EBI
Metadyn View Tools ELIXIR Czech Republic
MicroScope Database, Tools ELIXIR France
MOLE Tools ELIXIR Czech Republic
MOLEonline Tools ELIXIR Czech Republic
MotiveValidator Tools ELIXIR Czech Republic
MultiPLX Tools ELIXIR Estonia
neXtProt Database ELIXIR Switzerland
OMA Database ELIXIR Switzerland
OpenConext Compute ELIXIR Netherlands
Orphanet Database ELIXIR France
OrthoDB Database ELIXIR Switzerland
PatternQuery/PatternExplorer Tools ELIXIR Czech Republic
Pfam Database EMBL-EBI
phyML & Tools ELIXIR France
PredictSNP Tools ELIXIR Czech Republic
Primer3 Tools ELIXIR Estonia
ProDom Database ELIXIR France
PROSITE Database ELIXIR Switzerland
Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe) Database EMBL-EBI
Reactome Database EMBL-EBI
RepeatExplorer Tools ELIXIR Czech Republic
Rfam Database EMBL-EBI
Rhea Database ELIXIR Switzerland
rPredictor Tools ELIXIR Czech Republic
sciCORE Compute, HPC cluster ELIXIR Switzerland
Setter Tools ELIXIR Czech Republic
SiteBinder Tools ELIXIR Czech Republic
SNPmasker Tools ELIXIR Estonia
STRING Database ELIXIR Switzerland
SugarBind Database ELIXIR Switzerland
SWICZ Database ELIXIR Czech Republic
SWISS-MODEL Repository Database ELIXIR Switzerland
SWISS-MODEL Server Tools ELIXIR Switzerland
SwissRegulon Database ELIXIR Switzerland
The European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA) Database EMBL-EBI
The European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) Database EMBL-EBI