ELIXIR support to TRANSCAN-2 projects

As the ESFRI Research Infrastructure for life science data, ELIXIR Nodes provide a range of services that can be used by researchers and consortia on Horizon 2020 and nationally-funded cancer projects.

General services

  • Projects can store their data in the databases run by ELIXIR Nodes. We encourage researchers to deposit their data in the following relevant deposition databases.
  • Projects can find high quality, open access, reference genes, proteins, variations and other biomolecules in ELIXIR’s Core Data Resources.
  • Projects can find genetic mutation data from ELIXIR Nodes (and other organisations) via the Beacons network.
  • Projects can find information on rare diseases and orphan drugs from Orphanet.
  • Consortia can find training courses and online training materials from the ELIXIR Training portal.
  • Consortia can find software and analysis tools from the ELIXIR tools registry.
  • Projects can find the relevant standards in life sciences from FAIRsharing.
  • Projects can find relevant biomedical ontologies from the Ontology Lookup Service.
  • Projects can access the compute facilities run by ELIXIR Nodes.

Local support for data management

In addition to the general services above, ELIXIR Nodes provide local, bespoke support and expertise to research consortia. ELIXIR Nodes can be included as partners on proposals to deliver and support Data Management, data integration and cloud access on the grant. To discuss further, contact the ELIXIR expert in your country below. If you are in country where there is currently no ELIXIR Node, please contact info [at] elixir-europe.org with ‘support for TransCAN project’ in the title and we will get back.

ELIXIR expertise

ELIXIR Node Contact person Email
ELIXIR Belgium

Yves Moreau

yves.moreau [at] kuleuven.be
ELIXIR Czech Republic Jiri Vondrasek jiri.vondrasek [at] uochb.cas.cz

ELIXIR Denmark

Soren Brunak

brunak [at] cbs.dtu.dk


Thomas Keane tk2 [at] ebi.ac.uk

ELIXIR Finland

Tommi Nyrönen Tommi.Nyronen [at] csc.fi
ELIXIR France Jacques Van Helden

Jacques.van-Helden [at] univ-amu.fr

ELIXIR Germany Alfred Puhler puehler [at] cebitec.uni-bielefeld.de
ELIXIR Hungary Balasz Gyorffy gyorffy.balazs [at] ttk.mta.hu
ELIXIR Ireland Walter Koch walter.kolch [at] ucd.ie
ELIXIR Israel Dan Ben-Avraham michall [at] cc.huji.ac.il
ELIXIR Italy Graziano Pesole

g.pesole [at] ibbe.cnr.it

ELIXIR Luxembourg

Reinhard Schneider reinhard.schneider [at] uni.lu

ELIXIR Netherlands

Jaap Heringa heringa [at] few.vu.nl
ELIXIR Norway Inge Jonassen inge.jonassen [at] ii.uib.no
ELIXIR Portugal Arlindo Oliveira arlindo.oliveira [at] cg.ist.utl.pt
ELIXIR Spain Alfonso Valencia valencia [at] bsc.es
ELIXIR Slovenia Brane Leskosek

brane.leskosek [at] mf.uni-lj.si


Bengt Persson bpn [at] icm.uu.se

ELIXIR Switzerland

Ron Appel ron.appel [at] sib.swiss
ELIXIR UK Carole Goble carole.goble [at] manchester.ac.uk
ELIXIR Greece Martin Reczko reczko [at] fleming.gr