ELIXIR services are provided by ELIXIR Nodes (see Who we are).

Please note: This page does not contain all ELIXIR services. It only shows the services from those Nodes that have signed a Service Delivery Plan (see How countries join).
(List last updated: December 2017)

Namesort descending Type of service ELIXIR Node
SWICZ Database ELIXIR Czech Republic
SWISS-MODEL Repository Database ELIXIR Switzerland
SWISS-MODEL Server Tools ELIXIR Switzerland
SwissDrugDesign Database ELIXIR Switzerland
SwissLipids Database ELIXIR Switzerland
SwissRegulon Database ELIXIR Switzerland
The European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA) Database EMBL-EBI
The European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) Database EMBL-EBI
The Genomic HyperBrowser Tools ELIXIR Norway
The Ontology Lookup Service (OLS) Interoperability EMBL-EBI
Tools for FAIRification Interoperability ELIXIR Netherlands
Training Training ELIXIR Netherlands
Training Training ELIXIR Switzerland
Training (ELIXIR Luxembourg) Training ELIXIR Luxembourg
Training and Events Training ELIXIR Finland
Unicarb-DB Database ELIXIR Switzerland
UniProtKB Database EMBL-EBI ELIXIR Switzerland
ValidatorDB Database ELIXIR Czech Republic
ViralZone Database ELIXIR Switzerland
Vital-IT ComputeHPC cluster ELIXIR Switzerland