This page lists the services run by ELIXIR Nodes (see Who we are). ELIXIR Core Data Resources and Deposition Databases are selected from the services listed here.

Please note: This page only includes services from Nodes that have completed a Service Delivery Plan (see How countries join). As each Node completes its Service Delivery Plan, then its services get added to the list.
(List last updated: April 2018)

Namesort descending Type of service ELIXIR Node
AAI - REMS Compute, AAI ELIXIR Finland
ArrayExpress Database EMBL-EBI
arrayMap Database ELIXIR Switzerland
Atomic Charge Calculator Tools ELIXIR Czech Republic
Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) Compute, AAI ELIXIR Czech Republic, ELIXIR Finland
BEGDB Database ELIXIR Czech Republic
Bgee Database ELIXIR Switzerland Tools ELIXIR Denmark
BioModels Database EMBL-EBI
Biosamples Database EMBL-EBI
BioStudies Database EMBL-EBI
BioXSD / GTrack Tools ELIXIR Norway
BUSCO Database ELIXIR Switzerland
BYOD events Interoperability, Training ELIXIR Netherlands
CAMEO Database, Tools ELIXIR Switzerland
CATH/Gene3D Database ELIXIR UK
CAVER 3.0 Tools ELIXIR Czech Republic
CAZy Database ELIXIR France
Cellosaurus Database ELIXIR Switzerland
ClustVis Tools ELIXIR Estonia
Collections and registries from the Finnish population: SISU data resource Database ELIXIR Finland
Computerome Compute, HPC cluster ELIXIR Denmark
Consultancy and Support Services Interoperability ELIXIR Czech Republic
Consulting/Expertise Compute, Interoperability, Tools ELIXIR Netherlands
CorkOakDB Database ELIXIR Portugal
CRISPRdb Database ELIXIR France
CSC Chipster Compute, Tools ELIXIR Finland
CSC Cloud Compute, Cloud ELIXIR Finland
Data Archiving Compute ELIXIR Luxembourg
de.NBI cloud Compute, Cloud ELIXIR Germany
Decryptor Tools ELIXIR Czech Republic
DNATCO Tools ELIXIR Czech Republic
Dolbico (formely DOLCE) Database ELIXIR Czech Republic
EBI Metagenomics Database EMBL-EBI
ELIXIR PT Computing Services Compute ELIXIR Portugal
ELIXIR-EE training Training ELIXIR Estonia
Embassy Cloud Compute, Cloud EMBL-EBI
Ensembl Database EMBL-EBI
Ensembl Farmed and Domesticated Animals Database ELIXIR UK
Ensembl Genomes Database EMBL-EBI
Enzyme Portal Database EMBL-EBI
EPD Database ELIXIR Switzerland
EuropePMC Database EMBL-EBI
ExPASy Tools ELIXIR Switzerland
Expression Atlas Database EMBL-EBI
Expression atlases Database ELIXIR UK