Data publication technology/tooling based on Linked Data, with associated data management processes. Reference implementations.

Under development are:

FAIR Data Point - Standardized data catalog system (based on REST) that uses DCAT and HCLS annotations to give programmatic access to (meta)data. This can be deployed standalone, or as a light weight front end to existing data repositories.

FAIRifier - A set of tools based on the open source OpenRefine system that can be used to make tabular data incrementally more FAIR.

FAIR Search Engine - A search engine that is aware of existing FAIR data points, and can do federated basic queries on the data.

ORKA - Open RDF Knowledge Annotator, a tool allowing any researcher to comment on existing RDF knowledge from anywhere; keeping proper provenance.


Year established: 


Principal investigator: 

Jaap Heringa/Chris Evelo

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