g:Profiler is a bioinformatics toolkit for characterising and manipulating gene lists of high-throughput genomic data.

The toolkit consists of the following tools:

g:GOSt, the core of the g:Profiler, performs statistical enrichment analysis to provide interpretation to user-provided gene lists, ordered gene lists and chromosomal regions.

g:Cocoa is an enrichment tool for collections of several gene lists.

g:Convert is a gene identifier conversion tool. It uses information in Ensembl databases to handle hundreds of types of IDs for genes, proteins, transcripts, microarray probesets, etc, for many species, experimental platforms and biological databases. 

g:Sorter is a search tool for gene expression profiles. It allows users to find similar gene expression profiles to their gene of interest in a large collection of public microarray datasets from ArrayExpress.

g:Orth is a tool for mapping homologous genes across related organisms.

g:SNPense is a tool for mapping human single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) to gene names, chromosomal locations and variant consequence terms from Sequence Ontology.

g:Profiler toolkit is accessible through web interface, R or Python packages, API or using Galaxy.



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Jaak Vilo

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