CSC Cloud

The CSC Cloud service is targeted for High Performance Computing (HPC), allowing customers to run virtual machines with exclusive access to up to 16 cores. This service includes cPouta and ePouta.

The cPouta service provides an easy to use web interface and a programmable API for managing virtual machines, networks and storage. cPouta is the main production. The ePouta is a Finnish cloud computing environment (Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS) developed for handling sensitive data. It is a secure compute cloud that meets high information security regulations. It is suitable for all fields of science, but due to its high level of security it is particularly suited to meet the requirements of bioscience and human data research.

The cloud service combines virtual computational resources with the customers' own resources over a high-performance network connection. Service and datacenter fulfill ISO27k and can impose additional security measures.



Further information: 

ISO 27001:2013 compliant plus additional features.

Access policy: 

Free of charge for academic Finnish research projects. A pricelist is available for other researchers.

Principal investigator: 

Jussi Heikonen / Olli Salo

Type of service: