Outcomes of ELIXIR Board meeting: 2016 Autumn session

The ELIXIR Board held its autumn meeting this week on 21-22 November in Hinxton, UK. The main outcomes of the meeting were the approval of ELIXIR’s Work Plan and budget for 2017, a batch of ELIXIR Implementation Studies for 2017, the approval of Hungary's application to join ELIXIR, and the adoption of the ELIXIR ELSI Policy.

Other decisions of the Board include:

  • The election of new Chair and Vice Chairs of the ELIXIR Board
  • Appointments of new members of the ELIXIR Scientific Advisory Board and Industry Advisory Committee
  • Review and approval of ELIXIR Service Delivery Plans for ELIXIR Czech Republic, Denmark, Netherlands, Estonia, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland

Green light for Hungary

The ELIXIR Board has approved the application of Hungary to join ELIXIR. It will become an ELIXIR Member once it ratifies the ELIXIR Consortium Agreement, which is expected in spring 2017.

2017 Implementation studies

The Board has approved a portfolio of six Implementation Studies for 2017. They will focus on the integration of ELIXIR Nodes' data resources (three studies), support the transition of ELIXIR AAI into production, and the work of the Bioschemas initiative. ELIXIR will also continue the Beacon Implementation Study with the aim to develop a sustainable ELIXIR service in 2018 and beyond.

ELIXIR Board Chair and Vice Chairs

Rein Aasland (ELIXIR Norway) has been elected Chair of the ELIXIR Board for 2017; Ana Teresa Freitas (ELIXIR Portugal) and Ruben Kok (ELIXIR Netherlands) will become the ELIXIR Board Vice Chairs.

Appointment of members to ELIXIR Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and ELIXIR Industry Advisory Committee (IAC)

Larry Hunter and Juni Palmgren have been appointed to the ELIXIR SAB, Janet Kelso and Jerome Wojcik have been re-appointed for another term.

Christian Paulitz (Bayer AG) and Liz Reynolds (General Bioinformatics) have been appointed new members of the Industry Advisory Committee. The new members replace Jerry Lanfear (Pfizer) and Mark Forster (Syngenta), who stepped down from the Committee during 2016.
Tue 22 November 2016