ELIXIR kicks-off three new Implementation Studies

ELIXIR has kicked off three new Implementation Studies this September. Alongside four ongoing projects, they make up ELIXIR’s current portfolio of Implementation Studies, which involve nine ELIXIR Nodes.

The three new Implementation studies cover the Interoperability and Data Platforms and the Human Data Use Case.

Data Identification and Interoperability

The Implementation Study on 'Data Identification and Interoperability' aims to establish Identifiers.org as a stable system within ELIXIR to enable the reliable tracking of identifiers for life science data. The Implementation Study will provide a extended support to ELIXIR services, national programmes and external users in interoperability and identifier resolution.

Metadata schemas for genomics resources

The second Implementation study - 'Data Resource Implementations for the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health Data Schema', aims to refine the existing GA4GH metadata schema in genomics and develop its reference implementation.

Funding models for bioinformatics resources

The third Implementation Study explores funding models for knowledge bases in bioinformatics. Titled 'Towards sustainable funding models: the UniprotKB/Swiss-Prot Use Case', it will review the existing models of funding for knowledge bases and work on proposing a long-term sustainable models.

About ELIXIR Implementation Studies

Implementation Studies are short, technical 'sprints' that address bottlenecks in the ELIXIR Scientific Programme or demonstrate solutions for specific user communities. They are funded by the ELIXIR Hub and carried out by ELIXIR Nodes.

Currently ELIXIR runs seven Implementation Studies:

Mon 10 October 2016