Events organised by ELIXIR and its Nodes (see Who we are). These are supplied by TeSS, ELIXIR's training and events portal.

This page shows forthcoming events and events in progress. For past events see Past meetings and conferences and Past webinars.

Name Start date Location
Analysis of High Throughput Sequencing Data 23 October 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
Workshop on Research Objects (RO2018) 29 October 2018 Amsterdam Netherlands
Machine Learning for Image Analysis 29 October 2018 Heidelberg Germany
HPC Tips & Tricks 5: Code modernisation - Two real world case studies and Intel tools for finding performance bottlenecks 1 November 2018 Antwerpen) Belgium
Linux for bioinformatics 5 November 2018 Ghent Belgium
First steps with R in Life Sciences 6 November 2018 Lausanne Switzerland
Bioinformatics for Plant Biology 6 November 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
Bioinformatics of long read sequencing 8 November 2018 Zurich Switzerland
BioHackathon 12 November 2018 France
ELIXIR Board meeting (Ljubljana) 12 November 2018 Ljubljana Slovenia
BioHackathon 2018 Paris 12 November 2018 France
R Programming Foundations for Life Scientists 12 November 2018
Introduction to Bioinformatics using NGS data 12 November 2018
Introduction to Bioinformatics using NGS data, Umeå 12 November 2018
Biostatistics 13 November 2018
Introduction to high-performance computing (sciCORE cluster) 13 November 2018 Basel Switzerland
Executive Masters in Management of Research Infrastructures 13 November 2018 Milan Italy
Exploring Biological Sequences 13 November 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
RNA-seq 14 November 2018
RNA-seq data analysis 14 November 2018
International Meeting on Optical Biosensors 15 November 2018 Ghent Belgium
EMBL-EBI Workshop: Analysis of genome scale data from bulk and single-cell sequencing 19 November 2018 Kalyani United Kingdom
Python Programming with Application to Bioinformatics 19 November 2018
Analyzing flow cytometry data using FlowJo 19 November 2018 Ghent (Sint-Denijs-Westrem) Belgium
De Novo Genome Assembly 20 November 2018
Advanced FlowJo training 20 November 2018 Gent (Sint-Denijs-Westrem) Belgium
Metabolite identification with the Q Exactive and LTQ Orbitrap Elite 22 November 2018 Birmingham United Kingdom
ChIP-seq data analysis 22 November 2018
7ème école de bioinformatique AVIESAN-IFB 25 November 2018
Metabolism in Cancer and Stromal Cells (2nd edition) 26 November 2018 Leuven Belgium
Ligand-protein docking, and computer-aided drug design 27 November 2018 Basel Switzerland
BioData World Congress 2018 28 November 2018 Switzerland
Single-cell RNA-Seq Analysis 28 November 2018 Bern Switzerland
Linux introduction 2 December 2018 Heverlee Belgium
High Performance Computing (HPC) in Life Sciences: Vital-IT Infrastructure Training 6 December 2018 Lausanne Switzerland
ELIXIR 5th Anniversary Event 2018 11 December 2018 Belgium
ELIXIR HoNs meeting, Brussels, Belgium 12 December 2018 Belgium
Bioinformatics for Discovery 21 January 2019 Cambridge United Kingdom
ELIXIR Industry Advisory Committee meeting 2019 28 January 2019 United Kingdom
Metabolomics Bioinformatics for Life Scientists 4 February 2019 Cambridge United Kingdom