Events organised by ELIXIR and its Nodes (see Who we are). These are supplied by TeSS, ELIXIR's training and events portal.

This page shows forthcoming events and events in progress. For past events see Past meetings and conferences and Past webinars.

Name Start date Location
High Performance Computing: An Introduction 18 October 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
Local EGA face-to-face Meeting 19 October 2018 Spain
Best practices in programming 2018 22 October 2018 Basel Switzerland
Chemical Proteomics 2018 24 October 2018 Stockholm
Workshop on Research Objects (RO2018) 29 October 2018 Amsterdam Netherlands
Introduction to Network Analysis 29 October 2018 Lausanne Switzerland
First steps with R in Life Sciences 6 November 2018 Lausanne Switzerland
Bioinformatics of long read sequencing 8 November 2018 Zurich Switzerland
BioHackathon 12 November 2018 France
BioHackathon 2018 Paris 12 November 2018 France
Introduction to Bioinformatics using NGS data, Umeå 12 November 2018
Introduction to high-performance computing (sciCORE cluster) 13 November 2018 Basel Switzerland
RNA-seq data analysis 14 November 2018
Introduction to Scientific Figure Design 14 November 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
Ontologies and ontology-based data analysis 21 November 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
Ligand-protein docking, and computer-aided drug design 27 November 2018 Basel Switzerland
Single-cell RNA-Seq Analysis 28 November 2018 Bern Switzerland
High Performance Computing (HPC) in Life Sciences: Vital-IT Infrastructure Training 6 December 2018 Lausanne Switzerland
Using CellProfiler and CellProfiler Analyst to analyse biological images 10 December 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
Analysis of DNA Methylation using Sequencing 14 December 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom