Events organised by ELIXIR and its Nodes (see Who we are). These are supplied by TeSS, ELIXIR's training and events portal.

This page shows forthcoming events and events in progress. For past events see Past meetings and conferences and Past webinars.

Name Start date Location
MSt in Genomic Medicine - Advanced bioinformatics 19 March 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
Introduction to Metabolomics Analysis 20 March 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
Electronic Lab Notebook Introduction - Ghent 21 March 2018 Ghent Belgium
Analysing Linkage Disequilibrium with Ensembl 21 March 2018
GPU Event 22 March 2018 Heverlee Belgium
HPC@KULeuven introduction 22 March 2018 Heverlee Belgium
Tools for Reproducible Research 22 March 2018
Tools for reproducible research 22 March 2018 Stockholm
Electronic Lab Notebook Introduction - Leuven 22 March 2018 Leuven Belgium
An Introduction to Solving Biological Problems with R 26 March 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
Debugging techniques 26 March 2018 Heverlee Belgium
Train the Trainers 26 March 2018
HPC@KULeuven introduction 27 March 2018 Heverlee Belgium
Analysis of RNA-seq data with Bioconductor 28 March 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
Bayes in Action: 1-day course in Bayesian statistics 28 March 2018 Amsterdam Netherlands
HPC@UGent introduction 28 March 2018 Gent Belgium
ELIXIR Software Carpentry Workshop 28 March 2018
Introduction to Biopython 29 March 2018 Ghent Belgium
Introduction to metabolomics for the environmental scientist 30 March 2018 Birmingham United Kingdom
Advanced Threading and Optimization 4 April 2018
Challenges and Opportunities with Virtual Research Environments 4 April 2018
Working with Python: functions and modules 5 April 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
Data Manipulation and Visualisation with Python 9 April 2018 Edinburgh United Kingdom
Metagenomic: amplicons and stats 9 April 2018
Chip-seq data analysis: from quality check to motif discovery and more - An introduction to the tools and databases of the EPD team 9 April 2018 Lausanne Switzerland
Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing 9 April 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
Opportunities with affinity proteomics, 1 ECTS / hp 10 April 2018 Stockholm
Antibody based technologies 10 April 2018 Stockholm
International Post-graduate Course Variant Effect Prediction: Ensembl genome browser & Variant Effect Predictor (VEP) modules, Breda, The Netherlands, 10 - 13 April 2018 11 April 2018 Breda Netherlands
Methods and tools in recruitment: optimising the matching of the right person to the right job 13 April 2018
Data Carpentry in R 16 April 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
Metabolite identification with the Q Exactive and LTQ Orbitrap 16 April 2018 Birmingham United Kingdom
Advanced RNA-Seq Analysis 16 April 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
R packaging 17 April 2018 Lausanne Switzerland
Molecular Phylogenetics 18 April 2018 Cambridge United Kingdom
Statistical workflows in PhenoMeNal 18 April 2018
Version Control and Collaboration with Git and GitHub 19 April 2018 Science Park Netherlands
First steps with R in Life Sciences 19 April 2018 Bern Switzerland
RNA-Seq analysis for differential expression in Genepattern 20 April 2018 Leuven Belgium
How to develop a competent and innovative health & bioscience workforce in Europe - Best practices from EIT Health CAMPUS 20 April 2018