Previous events

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Title Date
Introduction to ELIXIR 21 January 2015
ELIXIR Webinar 21 January 2015
ELIXIR-NIH Identifiers workshop 14 January 2015 London, United Kingdom
IFB Annual General Meeting 9 January 2015 Paris, France
ELIXIR Scientific Advisory Board meeting (Hinxton, UK) 9 December 2014
Formal launch of Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences 1 December 2014 Amersfoot, Netherlands
ELIXIR Data Carpentry Event 27 November 2014 ​Manchester, United Kingdom
ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum: Turning big data into growth 24 November 2014 Copenhagen, Denmark
RNA-Seq analysis with READemption - setup and usage in the EGI Federated Cloud 16 November 2014 Hinxton, United Kingdom
Big Data in Biomedicine Challenges and Opportunities 10 November 2014
Second ELIXIR Board meeting 3 November 2014 Hinxton, United Kingdom
Heads of Nodes meeting 23 October 2014 Amsterdam, Netherlands
RDA Europe Workshop about Data Sharing and Interoperability 17 October 2014 Brussels, Belgium
Workshop: A common vocabulary to classify resources in the life science domain 16 October 2014 Brussels, Belgium
9th CFGBC Symposium 14 October 2014 Ljubljana, Slovakia
Workshop on HPC for Health Research 1 October 2014 Brussels, Belgium
3rd EUDAT Conference: Bringing data infrastructures to Horizon2020 24 September 2014 Amsterdam, Netherlands
XII Symposium on Bioinformatics 21 September 2014 SE, Spain
Technical Coordinators' meeting 19 September 2014 Amsterdam, Netherlands
TransPLANT - ELIXIR workshop 1-2 July, 2014 1 July 2014 Hinxton, United Kingdom
SocBiN annual conference co-hosted by ELIXIR Norway 11 June 2014 Oslo, Norway
e-IRG workshop 9 June 2014 Athens, Greece
"Clinical Research Informatics’ Solution Days" workshop 26 May 2014 Duesseldorf, Germany
Big Data and Open Data 7 May 2014 Brussels, Belgium
Heads of Nodes and Node Technical Coordinators meeting 6 May 2014 Sandhamn, Sweden
Heads-of-Nodes and Nodes-Technical-Coordinators meeting 6 May 2014 Stockholm archipelago, Sweden
BioMedBridges RDF workshop 29 April 2014 Berlin, Germany
First ELIXIR Board Meeting 7 April 2014 Helsinki, Finland
First ELIXIR Board Meeting (Helsinki, Finland) 7 April 2014 Helsinki, Finland
ICRI 2014 2 April 2014 Athens, Greece