Previous events

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Title Date
European Data Forum 2015 16 November 2015
ELIXIR Spain Industry Programe: Bioinformatics as a driver of innovation 12 November 2015 Madrid, M, Spain
NGS Analysis Training Workshop: cross-domain data exploration 11 November 2015 Bari, Italy
BioSB course Protein Structures: production, prowess, power, promises, and problems (3rd edition) 9 November 2015 Nijmegen, Netherlands
ELIXIR Curation & Usability Hackathon II 4 November 2015 Brno, Czech Republic
ELIXIR capacity building and Node development workshop 3 November 2015 Brussels, Belgium
Update on ELIXIR Pilot Action launched in 2015: Rare Disease test case for ELIXIR Interoperability backbone 21 October 2015
Specifications hackathon 20 October 2015 Birmingham, United Kingdom
ELIXIR-UK All Hands meeting 2015 19 October 2015 Birmingham, United Kingdom
Gene Expression profiling with HTS: RNA-Seq data analysis 19 October 2015 Rome, Italy
ELIXIR UK Workshop: Data Analysis Using IPython 28 September 2015 Manchester, United Kingdom
Joint meeting of IG ELIXIR Bridging Force & WG BioSharing Registry: Life Sciences and Sensitive Data 25 September 2015 Paris, France
RD-Connect workshop data linkage and ontologies 24 September 2015 Rome, Italy
Thematic Hackathon II: RNA analysis 23 September 2015 Copenhagen, Denmark
Introduction to ELIXIR-EXCELERATE 16 September 2015
ELIXIR-GOBLET workshop: defining an e-learning lingua franca 15 September 2015 Ljubljana, Slovenia
ELIXIR UK Data Carpentry Workshop 10 September 2015 Cambridge, United Kingdom
BioSB RNA- seq data analysis course (5th edition) 7 September 2015 Leiden, Netherlands
First Annual Danish Bioinformatics Conference 27 August 2015 Odense, Denmark
ELIXIR webinar: BYOD & FAIR data stewardship 19 August 2015
BioMedBridges webinar on licenses for web services 21 July 2015
Update on ELIXIR Pilot Action launched in 2014: Interoperable controlled-access big data transfer for ELIXIR 15 July 2015
23rd Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology and the 14th European Conference on Computational Biology (ISMB/ECCB) 10 July 2015 Dublin, Ireland
Galaxy Community Conference 2015 6 July 2015 Norwich, United Kingdom
BioJS Conference 2015, Norwich, UK, 3-4 July 2015 3 July 2015 Norwich, United Kingdom
ELIXIR Data Carpentry workshop and hackathon 22 June 2015 Utrecht, Netherlands
Update on ELIXIR Pilot Actions launched in 2014: Marine metagenomics: towards user centric services 17 June 2015
ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum: Data-driven innovation in the pharma and biotech industries' 9 June 2015 Basel, Switzerland
Update on ELIXIR Pilot Actions launched in 2014: Integration of BILS-ProteomeXchange using EUDAT resources 20 May 2015
ELIXIR Finland Launch Event 4 May 2015 Helsinki, Finland