Previous events

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Title Date
Infrastructures for Life Science’s Big Data and the role of ELIXIR 26 February 2016 Athens, Greece
Update on Euro-BioImaging Image Data Repository (IDR) project and its interface with ELIXIR 17 February 2016
Addressing the skills gaps in technical operation of biomedical research infrastructures 17 February 2016 Hinxton, United Kingdom
Addressing the skills gaps in research infrastructure management and leadership 16 February 2016 Hinxton, United Kingdom
BioCADDIE webinar 11 February 2016
UK Node Services Expansion: Request for EOI - Explanatory Webinar 9 February 2016
ELIXIR Europe Conference Open Data in Action: Life Science Data Infrastructure for Innovation 4 February 2016 Brussels, Belgium
Open Data Infrastructures for Innovation: Big Data in the Life Sciences 4 February 2016 Brussels, Belgium
Resource Hackathon : DebianMed 4 February 2016 Lyngby, Denmark
DNA-Seq Next Generation Sequencing workshop 1 February 2016 Leicester, United Kingdom
SIB course: "Protein Bioinformatics: Sequence-Structure-Function" 25 January 2016 Basel, Switzerland
The 52nd NBS contact meeting 21 January 2016 Tromsø, Norway
Use of AAI for the ELIXIR intranet and access to ELIXIR services 20 January 2016 Online
de.NBI - EDAM Codefest: ELIXIR Tools and Services Registry Resource hackathon 19 January 2016 Freiburg, Germany
ELIXIR Industry Advisory Committee meeting 14 January 2016 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
ELIXIR Data and Software Carpentry Instructor Training 13 January 2016 Lausanne, Switzerland
Software Carpentry workshop for Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) 14 December 2015 Manchester, United Kingdom
Training course on Protein Networks and Systems Biology 14 December 2015 BO, Italy
Software development best practices kick-off meeting 14 December 2015 Amsterdam, Netherlands
ELIXIR Communications strategy Workshop 11 December 2015 Cambridge, United Kingdom
ELIXIR-EXCELERATE Kick-off meeting 10 December 2015 Cambridge, United Kingdom
ELIXIR Scientific Advisory Board meeting 8 December 2015
SWAT4LS International Conference 7 December 2015 Cambridge, United Kingdom
Technical Hackathon 2 : EDAM development heuristics 2 December 2015 Amsterdam, Netherlands
BioSB Course on Managing and Integrating Life Science Information (4th edition): Approaches using Linked Data and Semantics 30 November 2015 Utrecht, Netherlands
Exploring the Human Protein Atlas: ELIXIR Practical Workshop 27 November 2015 Stockholm, Sweden
NGS for evolutionary biologists: from basic scripting to variant calling 23 November 2015 Rome, Italy
BioSchemas Community Workshop 19 November 2015 Hinxton, United Kingdom
Symposium: Open bridges for life science data 17 November 2015 Cambridge, United Kingdom
Technical coordinators F2F meeting 16 November 2015 Hinxton, United Kingdom, United Kingdom