Previous events

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Title Date
ELIXIR-EXCELERATE Train the Trainer 27 September 2017 SA, Italy
Translational Medicine 2017 24 September 2017 Czech Republic
ELIXIR Webinar: The ELIXIR Core Data Resources - selection process and outcomes. 20 September 2017 Online
5th International Summer School/BYOD event around Rare Disease & Orphan Drug Registries 18 September 2017 Rome, Italy
ELIXIR HoNs meeting 13 September 2017 Basel, Switzerland
Benchmarking: Incentives and Best Practices across Scientific Disciplines - Abstracting from Established Evaluations 12 September 2017 Basel, Switzerland
ICRI 2018 - 4th International Conference on Research Infrastructures 12 September 2017 Vienna, Austria
ELIXIR Luxembourg – Launch Event 7 September 2017 Luxembourg
ELIXIR Webinar: OmicsDI-Integrating Multiple Omics Repositories 16 August 2017 Online
ISMB/ECCB 2017 21 July 2017 Prague 4, Czech Republic
Webinar on ELIXIR engagement with industry 19 July 2017 Online
EXCELERATE Train-the-Trainer in Clinical bioinformatics and best practices workshop 3 July 2017 Cambridge, United Kingdom
ELIXIR SAB summer TC 30 June 2017 Online
Galaxy Community Conference 2017 26 June 2017 Montpellier, France
ELIXIR Webinar on CEDAR 21 June 2017 Online
CORBEL Practice and Mid term review 21 June 2017 Brussels, Belgium
Genome Assembly and Annotation 19 June 2017 Ljubljana, Slovenia
ELIXIR HoNs Retreat meeting 13 June 2017 Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom
ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum: Genomics, bioinformatics and health - Public-private partnerships in open data 6 June 2017 Barcelona, Spain
ELIXIR Green Use case BYOD: BrAPI 30 May 2017 Ghent, Belgium
ELIXIR BrAPI BYOD/hackathon 30 May 2017 Ghent, Belgium
Bioschemas Agreement Meeting 24 May 2017 Hinxton, United Kingdom
6th Workshop on the Application of Next Generation Sequencing to Repetitive DNA Analysis in Plants 23 May 2017 Czech Republic
ELIXIR Webinar on Biosharing 17 May 2017 Online
ELIXIR Europe conference: Core Resources for a Data Economy 11 May 2017 Brussels, Belgium
Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) workshop on ciliopathies resources 10 May 2017 Strasbourg, France
ELIXIR-EXCELERATE mid-term review meeting 10 May 2017 Brussels, Belgium
Strategic workshop "Future of Metabolomics in ELIXIR" 25 April 2017 Frankfurt, Germany
ELIXIR Board meeting (Utrecht) 24 April 2017 Utrecht, Netherlands
ELIXIR Webinar on first Beacon study 19 April 2017 Online