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EMBL-EBI: European Variation Archive

This interactive workshop offers participants hands-on experience in the use of the European Variation Archive, [EVA]( The EVA is an open-access, genetic variation data repository, currently hosting more than 80 studies describing in excess of 520 million unique variants. Participants will be shown how this data can be searched for at the study level via the EVA Study Browser, or at the individual variant level, via our Variant Browser.

Optimisation techniques in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

In many different problems from bioinformatics and systems biology (e.g. multi parameter estimation, reverse engineering of gene networks, multi-alignment problem, 3D structure prediction etc.) various optimisation methods are applied. In this course you will get acquainted with the underlying mathematics… The post Optimisation techniques in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology appeared first on Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences.

EMBL-EBI: Array Express and Expression Atlas

This workshop is designed for researchers interested in learning about functional genomics data, how to access, retrieve and use the data from [ArrayExpress]( and hands-on experience in using [Expression Atlas](, a resource to find information about gene and protein expression across species and biological conditions such as different tissues, cell types, developmental stages and diseases among others.

EMBL-EBI: An Introduction to Sequence Searching

This module introduces the area of sequence similarity searching and focuses on how to use tools like BLAST and PSI-Search to find homologous sequences in EMBL-EBI databases, including tips on which tool and database to use, input formats, how to change parameters and how to interpret the results pages. Also note: This event is part of a series of short introductions focusing on EMBL-EBI resources. If you want to learn more about these separate training events, see the [[#Related|Related Courses]] section below.

EMBL-EBI: Introduction to the European Nucleotide Sequence Archive

The European Nucleotide Sequence Archive (ENA) is a global database for storing experimental nucleotide data and also interpreted data (alignment files, variant calling, analysis results). The data is submitted by scientists conducting sequencing experiments and publishing research in the area. Data is fully searchable and available for download. Sequence data includes raw NGS files (FastQ, BAM…), assembled genomes and transcriptomes, and annotated sequences (protein coding genes, non coding RNA, barcode genes, HLA genes)


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