Towards Data Stewardship in ELIXIR: Training and Portal

The Implementation Study will be executed in close collaboration with the ELIXIR DMP Working Group, which will be kept closely informed and will function as a consulting body for the group responsible for the execution of the work. In addition, the Training Coordinator (TrC) and Technical Coordinator (TeC) of each Node will act as primary point of contact. Together they can decide about the Node approach for DM/DS, and if and how they want to contribute to the ELIXIR central efforts.

Two closely affiliated major tasks will be:

making an inventory of DM/DS training needs, existing DM/DS training materials and programmes, and the existing capacity and capability in the ELIXIR Nodes, which will then be followed by a gap analysis and development of tailored ELIXIR DM/DS training materials, that  will subsequently be rolled out in three workshops and 

building of the generic DM/DS portal for ELIXIR and to make it possible for ELIXIR Nodes and institutes to contribute to the knowledge model (localizations, see further below), and/or run their own copy of the portal, with guidance adapted for their institutes (e.g. preferentially pointing to local experts).

Upon completion, the project outcomes will be presented in an ELIXIR webinar.

Will help nodes participants to fulfil the prerequisite for most (public) funding on DM.

Target audiences are life science researchers and data stewards, curators, data managers.