The EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) is an academic research institute based in the UK, and is part of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). Established in 1994, EMBL-EBI grew out of EMBL’s commitment to making biological data and information accessible to life scientists in all disciplines.

EMBL-EBI serves the scientific community by providing freely available bioinformatics resources, promoting basic research, providing training to scientists at all levels and disseminating cutting-edge technologies to the academic community and industry.

We manage several large public databases, constituting core biological data resources and information, that span genomics, gene expression, proteomics, structural biology, cheminformatics, pathways and systems. We create tools that allow researchers to analyse this information, and to upload and share their work.

Because access to and efficient use of large data sets is a basic requirement for life science research, we provide user training on site, at host institutes throughout the world and online. We also offer extensive training to our industry partners.

EMBL-EBI interacts with the ELIXIR Hub and Nodes in the: 

  • production of core and specialised data resources and provision of integrated access to these resources; 
  • provision of computer resources for data and computationally intensive tasks, and computational access to large reference data sets; 
  • training on the use of data resources provided by EMBL-EBI services; 
  • standardisation activities in programmatic access to databases and tools, in biological and medical nomenclature, in controlled vocabularies and ontologies, and 
in reporting requirements for data deposition and exchange.