Postdoctoral Position: “Dynamics of Biological Processes”

The Institute of Biotechnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences and ELI-Beamlines has an open postdoctoral position to study the structure and dynamics of nucleic acids and proteins. The successful candidate will participate in interpreting time-resolved spectroscopies including transient absorption, vibration spectroscopy such as femtosecond infrared and/or Raman spectroscopy, multidimensional vibration and electronic spectroscopy, and also time resolved X-ray diffraction. Experience with quantum mechanics calculations of photon and vibrational spectral properties of biological or organic molecules is necessary, ability to perform molecular modeling such as MD or docking of biological systems is an advantage. The position is open from September 2017.


Closing date: 

Sun 13 August 2017


Prague, Czech Republic


ELIXIR Czech Republic