ELIXIR Communities and Services Coordinator

We are seeking to recruit an ELIXIR Communities and Services Coordinator to join the ELIXIR Hub team located at the Wellcome Genome Campus near Cambridge in the UK.

The main responsibility of the ELIXIR Services and Communities Coordinator is to manage the interface between the ELIXIR Hub and our national Nodes, Node Services and the ELIXIR Use Cases with associated research communities. You will work closely with our Nodes to ensure that services are well integrated into ELIXIR and actively promoted to users. You will also take responsibility for the development and integration of ELIXIR’s Use Cases and associated research communities with our Platforms and together with the Platform Coordinators at the ELIXIR Hub ensure the effective use and documentation of impact of ELIXIR services.

Closing date: 

Sun 17 September 2017


Hinxton, UK