AAI production

The aim of this Implementation Study is to assess the operation of the ELIXIR AAI during 2017. The operations to be assessed include management of the production and development servers, security related to the hardware and services, customer service point and integration of new Relying Parties to the ELIXIR AAI. The AAI implementation study will also deliver a plan that defines the responsibilities for the primary service provider as well as the transition to secondary service provider for maintenance, update or in case of unannounced downtime. The implementation study will also provide cost estimates, including an estimate of required human resources, for providing AAI services as ELIXIR emerging services in 2018.

The AAI implementation study will also aim to provide new services as part of the ELIXIR Compute Platform AAI portfolio. As an example, the ELIXIR Beacon project requires support for additional data access models and the development of this support will be funded through this implementation study as WP4.3.1 targets the ELIXIR-EXCELERATE use cases. Another example is integration of the WP4.3.1 developed stepup authentication service as part of the AAI Infrastructure Services Plan.

The second stage of the Implementation Study started in January 2018 and will run until December 2018. The goals are to (1) continue providing a sustainable service, (2) develop a strategy to migrate to the Life Science AAI, with new features, and (3) increase the number of relying parties, liaising with the Global Alliance for Genomes and Health (GA4GH). It is divided into four Workplans:

  • AAI operations, support and marketing
  • Migration to LifeScience AAI
  • Develop and deploy new features
  • GA4GH Access work stream (tbc. Discovery work stream?)


1 January 2017 to 31 December 2018

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