EXCELERATE WP5: The ELIXIR Interoperability Backbone

WP leaders:  Helen Parkinson (EMBL-EBI),  Carole Goble (UK) and Chris Evelo (NL)

The Interoperability Backbone is data and use case driven, implementing the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable), and working in partnership with the custodians of the datasets.

The work package objectives are:

  • Define agreements on identifiers and machine processable (meta)data descriptions with data providers and knowledge bases
  • Consolidate existing Interoperability Services to support: (i) machine processable identity, data formats, experimental reporting guidelines, knowledge representations, and (ii) resource operational practices for transparent releases, versioning, provenance, and updates
  • Implement data interoperability between selected resources
  • Run a programme of Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) “bootcamps” (in coordination with WP11)


  • 23 March 2016 ELIXIR-UK and FAIRDOM (fair-dom.org ) jointly hosted a Samples Club BYOD (Bring Your Own Data) workshop on 21-23 March 2016, Manchester, UK. The workshop brought together representatives from ELIXIR-UK, ELIXIR-SE, ELIXIR-FR, ELIXIR-NL and EMBL-EBI with an interest in sample metadata and modelling to discuss a range of topics related to a sample centric interoperability framework driven by use cases. Additionally, a broad range of European and national projects were represented including (but not limited to) BioSamples, BBMRI, CORBEL, ISBE, SynBioChem, FAIRDOM, RD-Connect, ISA, the BD2K centres CEDAR and BioCADDIE, and Ocean Sampling Day (OSD). Read the full report »
  • 3 November 2015  The work has kicked off to review BioSharing, a component contributed by the ELIXIR-UK Node, as the ELIXIR Standards Registry. In this initial phase, BioSharing will be reviewed against user needs and evaluation criteria established by the EXCELERATE WP5 ELIXIR Interoperability Backbone Platform. The result will be an assessment of BioSharing as the ELIXIR Standards Registry, its place in the Backbone of services and a roadmap to guide the next phases, including provision service from the UK Node. More information »
  • 3 November 2015 A Use Case Workstream has been established to identify the EXCELERATE Use Cases for the Interoperability Backbone Platform. The key requirements and scientific drivers from this activity will help guide the provisioning of EXCELERATE services, such as Identifier Services, Standards Registry and interoperable service APIs.
  • 3 November 2015 The Interoperability Platform started to review existing Identity Resolution and Mapping Services and define the criteria against which they can be assessed for use as ELIXIR services. The criteria will be informed by the EXCELERATE and CORBEL Use Cases as well as those in the wider life sciences community and will help guide the provisioning of Identifier Services. In collaboration with the EXCELERATE Use Cases, we will also establish the identifier authorities and drive best practice for the identifiers use by applying the 10 identifier rules defined by BioMedBridges. More information »