EXCELERATE WP4: Compute, Data access and exchange services

WP leaders: Tommi Nyrönen (FI) and Ludek Matyska (CZ)

WP4 links the ELIXIR scientific programme 2014-2018 to the day-to-day technical service work in the distributed Nodes. The main objective is to develop a research platform for life science for implementing geographically and organisationally distributed Cloud, Compute, Storage and Authentication and Access infrastructure services.

The platform will be tailored for the ELIXIR-EXCELERATE scientific Use Cases (WP6 to 9), training activities (WP11), and other ELIXIR pilots and projects to meet their specific needs. This includes user support, documentation and guidance to enable and promote technology adoption.

The Work package also closely collaborates with translational, biobanking and imaging infrastructures to ensure there are effective services to securely access and exchange data.