EXCELERATE WP11: ELIXIR Training Programme

WP leadership team: Louisa Bellis (UK), Patricia Palagi (CH), Celia van Gelder (NL) and Gabriella Rustici (UK)

Work Package 11 kick-off meeting
WP11 kick off meeting
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The Training platform will train European researchers active within the ELIXIR-EXCELERATE communities (WP6 to 9), providing them with skills to effectively exploit the data, tools, standards and compute infrastructure offered by ELIXIR.

The specific objectives of the platform are:

  • Build a sustainable training infrastructure for ELIXIR’s community, based on ELIXIR's TeSS (Training eSupport System) portal 
  • Develop and deliver training in topics selected as training gaps within the ELIXIR community and in selected areas (namely the ELIXIR-EXCELERATE Use Cases)
  • Develop Good practice guidelines and training evaluation system


  • On 19 – 21 January 2016, two EXCELERATE training platform subtasks – Training the trainer and Ensuring impact and quality, officially kicked-off with a joint workshop. Hosted by ELIXIR-EBI at Hinxton, they brought together training representatives from 6 ELIXIR Nodes and from external organisations including BD2K, Data carpentry, Cold Spring Harbour and Intel. The first half of the workshop focused on the development of a Train the trainer programme specifically designed for ELIXIR trainers, taking inspiration from EMBL-EBI and Software/data carpentry initiatives; whilst the discussions during the second half reviewed current methods for assessment of training quality and impact, and the role of training in increasing ELIXIR impact more generally.

    One major outcome of this workshop is the date of the Train the trainer pilot (a series of 6 workshops) launch in May 2016, further details for this first pilot will be announced shortly.

Gabriella Rustici (ELIXIR-UK) and Sarah Morgan (ELIXIR EMBL-EBI) at the workshop.

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