The ELIXIR Board is the highest decision-making body in ELIXIR. The Board consist of scientific and administrative representatives from each ELIXIR Member State and EMBL. Members of the Board are authorised to deliberate, negotiate and decide on behalf of the respective Members.

What the Board does

The Board's powers are defined in the ELIXIR Consortium Agreement. Among other responsibilities, the Board:

  • Approves the ELIXIR budget and ELIXIR’s Scientific Programme
  • Appoints the ELIXIR Director, who is responsible for executing Board decisions
  • Appoints members of the ELIXIR Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), which advises the ELIXIR Board and the ELIXIR Director on scientific matters
  • Establishes and oversees ELIXIR rules and procedures, including the technical rules for the selection of ELIXIR Nodes, drawing on advice from the SAB
  • Oversees the management of risks and liabilities of ELIXIR

Members of the Board

  • Chair: Prof Rein Aasland (NO)
  • Vice Chair: Dr Ruben Kok (NL)
  • Vice Chair: Dr Ana Teresa Freitas (PT)
Country Scientific delegate Administrative delegate
Belgium Mrs Laurence Lenoir Mrs Michele Oleo and Mr Didier Flagothier
Czech Republic Prof Jaroslav Koča Mr Jan Burianek
Denmark Prof Anders Krogh Mr Troels Tvedegaard Rasmussen
Estonia Prof Pärt Peterson Mr Toivo Räim and Mr Priit Tamm
Finland Dr Per Öster Ms Riina Vuorento and Dr Jarmo Wahlfors
France Mrs Macha Nikolski Dr Eric Guittet
Germany Prof. Dr. Rolf Backofen, Prof Alexander Goesmann Dr. Johannes Mohr
Hungary Dr László Patthy Mr Gábor Tóth
Ireland Dr Marion Boland and Dr Dara Dunican  
Israel Dr Yossi Kalifa Ms Ilana Lowi
Italy Prof Rita Casadio Dr Salvatore La Rosa
Luxembourg Prof Dr Rudi Balling and Mrs Regina Becker (Deputy) Dr Lynn Wenandy and Mrs Vera Soares
Netherlands Dr Ruben Kok Dr Bea Pauw
Norway Prof Rein Aasland and Prof Stig Omholt  
Portugal Dr Ana Teresa Freitas Dr Andreia Feijão and Dr Tiago Saborida
Slovenia Prof Damjana Rozman Dr Albin Kralj
Spain Prof Ferran Sanz Dr Cristina Bauluz and Dr Rafael de Andres-Medina
Sweden Prof Björn Andersson Dr Karl Gertow
Switzerland Prof Christian von Mering Dr Isabella Beretta
UK Dr Chris Rawlings Dr Mark Palmer and Dr Amanda Collis
EMBL Prof Iain Mattaj and Prof Janet Thornton Dr Silke Schumacher


In addition, countries working towards signing the ECA have appointed representatives to the ELIXIR Board as Observers.

Country Scientific delegate Administrative delegate
Greece Prof Christos Ouzounis Dr Konstantina Botsi
ELIXIR Board, Hinxton, October 2015. Photo  ELIXIR/Robert Slowley
ELIXIR Board, Hinxton, October 2015.