International Strategy

ELIXIR also has an International Strategy, which sets out ELIXIR's role on the global stage.

The strategy defines ELIXIR's objectives in international collaboration and will ensure that ELIXIR engages with major international initiatives in bioinformatics and key countries outside Europe.

The four objectives of the ELIXIR International Strategy are to:

  • Ensure ELIXIR serves life-science users and communities across the globe
  • Support collaboration between ELIXIR and relevant global bioinformatics and data initiatives
  • Shape global science policy discussions around data and research infrastructures
  • Develop formal collaboration with those countries outside Europe where there is a mutual benefit

The strategy will be reviewed annually, to take into account priorities within ELIXIR’s Platforms and Use Cases, as well as new developments globally.

Download the ELIXIR International Strategy

Contact: Pablo Roman GarcĂ­a, pablo.roman[at]elixir-europe[dot]org