Press Releases

Managing sensitive data: new reports published by Tryggve

The Tryggve project - a joint initiative of ELIXIR Nodes in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway and NordForsk's Nordic eInfrastructure Collaboration - has published a number of documents, reflecting the significant progress made in the recent months.

They present specific technical information as well as general updates on the project  main activities. All documents are now available on the Tryggve website.

ELIXIR Tools and Data Services Registry: community-driven curation of bioinformatics resources

Two recent research papers presented the Tools and Data Services Registry, developed by ELIXIR Denmark. The first article presents a case of succesful use of the Registry in integrating bioinformatics resources into workbench environments. It describes the Workbench Integration Enabler, a software component to help users find and comprehend available software tools, data resources, and web services, and to localise, execute and combine them.

ELIXIR - GOBLET workshop: defining an e-learning lingua franca

The first EXCELERATE Training workshop - organised  jointly by ELIXIR and GOBLET - was hosted by ELIXIR Slovenia on 15-17 September 2015 in Ljubljana. The programme of the event provided an overview of e-learning systems used internationally and within these two organisations. The aim was to compare these systems, understand their respective strengths and weaknesses, and define a common e-learning ‘language’ to facilitate communication within and between the GOBLET and ELIXIR trainer communities.

Barend Mons appointed Chair of European Commission’s high level expert group on ‘European Open Science Cloud’

Professor Barend Mons has been appointed Chair of the Commission High Level Expert Group “European Open Science Cloud”, initiated by the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation.

ELIXIR appoints Martin Cook as Web Developer

ELIXIR is pleased to announce that Martin Cook has joined the ELIXIR Hub as Web Developer.

Martin will lead the development of the ELIXIR website and the implementation of several online services for ELIXIR Nodes and partners, including the ELIXIR intranet.

First Annual Danish Bioinformatics Conference

ELIXIR Denmark sponsored and co-organized in a partnership with Danish Universities, the first Annual Danish Bioinformatics Conference on 27-28 August 2015 in Odense. 

The event brought together over 200 researchers and other professionals in bioinformatics and systems biology, who had the chance to know the latest developments in these fields in Denmark.

CORBEL sets out to establish common infrastructure for biomedical research

The CORBEL cluster projects starts today to establish common research infrastructure to support Europe's biomedical research community.

CORBEL (Coordinated Research Infrastructures Building Enduring Life-science Services) is a four-year €14.5 million EU project that will harmonise user access to biological and medical technologies, biological samples and data services, required by cutting-edge biomedical research.

ELIXIR-UK Genome Assembly and Annotation Survey

ELIXIR-UK invites colleagues in the UK involved in genome assembly and annotation to complete a short questionnaireThe survey is available at:

ELIXIR appoints Friederike Schmidt-Tremmel as Project Manager

ELIXIR is pleased to announce that Friederike Schmidt-Tremmel will join ELIXIR Hub as Project Manager.

Friederike will take over the responsibilities for the management of the EU projects CORBEL and BioMedBridges including monitoring of project delivery and budget. She will lead the coordination of the two projects’ operation and ensure successful completion of BioMedBridges and the delivery of CORBEL.

ELIXIR-UK and Software and Data Carpentry offer life science computing instructor training

ELIXIR-UK and Software and Data Carpentry are organising two instructor (train the trainer) workshops to provide insight into how to train life science researchers in computing. The workshops will take place in London and Manchester in October and November respectively. 

More information and registration: