Upcoming events

ELIXIR-NIH Identifiers workshop

14 Jan 2015

ELIXIR is holding a Research Object Identifier (ROI) Workshop co-organised with the NIH at London Heathrow Airport on 14 January 2015. The workshop agenda is now available and will include talks by experts to demonstrate current best practises and a breakout session to identify challenging areas and proposals for shared implementation. The workshop aims to systematically map the State of the Art and agree on strategies for data / research object identifiers and develop a white paper for community and expert consultation.  Participation is by invitation only.

BioMedBridges knowledge exchange workshop: Data strategies for research infrastructures

19 Feb 2015

BioMedBridges will be hosting a one-day workshop at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) headquarters - in Garching, outside of Munich, Germany - on Thursday 19 February 2015. A day after the BioMedBridges AGM held in Munich.

The day will provide an opportunity to learn more about the management of biological data within research infrastructures and to exchange ideas on good practices in the area. The workshop will allow participants a chance to better understand the data management needs of their infrastructures, and assist them in preparing long-term plans.

Innovation and SME Forum - Data-driven innovation in the agri-food industries

18 Mar 2015 to 19 Mar 2015

The ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum: 'Data-driven innovation in the agri-food industries' takes place in Wageningen, Netherlands, on 18-19 March 2015.

The forum is aimed at the agri-food companies that use public bioinformatics resources in their business. The event is jointly organised by the ELIXIR-NL and the ELIXIR Hub and is particularly relevant for large and small companies active in the plant sciences, food and livestock domains. It will:

Innovation and SME Forum: Basel, Switzerland, 9 June 2015

9 Jun 2015

ELIXIR will hold an Innovation and SME Forum event in Basel, Switzerland, on 9 June 2015. Organised by SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and ELIXIR, the event will take place alongside the successful Basel Computational Biology Conference, which runs from 7-10 June. 

Registration for this Innovation and SME Forum will open in Spring 2015. 

BioMedBridges Open Symposium: Building the bio-connectome - open data infrastructure to accelerate innovation

17 Nov 2015 to 19 Nov 2015

Following the spirit of the BioMedBridges project, this international, open symposium - to be hosted by ELIXIR in the newly refurbished and expanded Wellcome Trust Conference Centre - will bring together life science researchers from a wide array of disciplines including bioinformatics, biobanks, mouse models, imaging, clinical trials, chemical biology and translational research.